Old Glory Stories: Sponsor A Veteran & First Responder Program

We are so excited to announce our new Old Glory Stories Sponsorship Program.  We will be releasing 2 sponsored articles a month.  One article will be for our sponsored veteran/military personnel currently serving and the other will be for our sponsored first responder.  


Why Are We Doing This?

We are doing this for 2 main reasons.  

1. We want to give back to the people that fight for our freedom, and protect us everyday.  

2.  We want to highlight these peoples hardships, successes, & stories and hopefully inspire & help others along the way.


Who is Eligible?

Anyone that has served/serves in the military is eligible for the Veteran Sponsorship.

Any Police Officer, Firefighter, EMT, or any other First Responder is eligible for the First Responder Sponsorship.


How Do I Apply? 

Simply go to our Contact Us Page (CLICK HERE) and fill out the form on a brief summary of your story and what it would mean to you.  Make sure to put the headline as "Old Glory Stories" 


Thank You & Stay Tuned

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