Our Story

About Us
Buffalo Reclaimed Flag Co. began as a hobby in a garage, an escape from the day to day, and a creative outlet. I have always considered myself a Patriot, and with an affinity for the American flag as a symbol of absolute strength and integrity, building beautiful hand-carved American flags became a no-brainer. The more flags I made, the more I saw the value it brought to not only my life, but to the lives of those who received them. At this, I thought to myself, everyone deserves a fixture in their home that makes them swell with pride just looking at it.  So, having never been one to shy away from getting my hands dirty, I quit my day job, and decided to pursue MY American dream of making my flags full-time. Since then, Buffalo Reclaimed has continued to grow, and we are so blessed and proud to continue to be completely family owned and operated. Our flags are as incredible as they are because of the people behind them: a long line of blue collar workers who take the utmost pride in what they do. We love being able to grow as a family and as a business all while working to inspire American pride in homes just like ours all across our great nation. If you bleed red, white, and blue like I do, you know that us Patriots don’t just love our great country quietly- we love it boisterously, loudly, and for all to see. We wear the flag on our chests, on the bumpers of our cars, and flying above our buildings. And NO patriot should go without displaying a beautiful flag in their home. If you ask me, no kitchen, office, backyard, or basement are complete without a beautiful American flag hanging proudly.