Hawaii Handcarved Wooden Flag
Hawaii Handcarved Wooden Flag
Hawaii Handcarved Wooden Flag
Hawaii Handcarved Wooden Flag

Hawaii Handcarved Wooden Flag

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How much do your flags weigh?

Small: 5lbs, Medium: 10lbs, Large: 20lbs, Colossal: 30lbs


How do I buy an oversized, giant flag?

Please fill out a Custom Flag request-- click here. Every oversized flag is a unique project for us, so we have to address every request accordingly.


Where are you located?

Buffalo, NY


Are these flags made to order?

Yes, all of our flags are made to order to ensure each and every flag is not only unique and one of a kind, but matches our rigorous quality control standards.  Flags are done in large batches and are fulfilled weekly, sometimes multiple times a week. Each flag takes about 4/5 days from start to finish between carving, charring, and curing.  We do flags in batches to 1. keep consistency in quality and 2. To keep our orders going out in a timely manner.  


How long does it take to get my flag?

We aim for a 2-5 week complete turnaround.  As we grow our family of skilled wood workers we try to speed up this process.  Depending on your order time, you may receive it sooner (refer to batch process above). If there is any reason it will be later than that, we will send you an email with an update.


Who do you use to ship?

We use the United States Postal Service & UPS.  All of our Colossal flags are shipped out via UPS. All other flags will ship out with the best option depending on where its going and the size of the package.

Why Buffalo Reclaimed?

When we first started, we primarily used reclaimed wood from around Buffalo, NY.  We would source it from old homes, reuse establishments, and even pallets.  As we grew our operations and scaled, we shifted towards dimensional lumber due to its consistency at scale.  We will in the future (if not already live) will have a full reclaimed section of the website where we use fully reclaimed materials to build our products.

What kind of wood do you use?

We use pine for a huge majority of our products. 


Can my flags be hung outside?

Absolutely!  We use a heavy grade, extremely durable polyurethane as a top coat on every flag.  However,  we do not coat the flag with a UV resistant product.  We do offer an option to weatherproof the flag.  We coat the front and back of the flag with a UV rated spar-urethane. 

Can I personalize my flag?

Yes you can.  If you want any engravings, emblems, or any other personalized carvings, just shoot us an email at Customs@BuffaloReclaimed.com or fill out our Custom Order Tab at the top of this page.



Tell us your vision >>

100% Made in the USA

We believe in America, we believe in the American people, and we believe in supporting American-made companies. That’s why we exclusively incorporate American sourced materials into the production of our flags. We commit to working with fellow American manufacturers to source 100% of our materials- seriously, 100%- from the wood, to the nails, to the glue. Proudly manufactured in the City of Good Neighbors, Buffalo, NY.


We are so blessed and proud to be completely family owned and operated. Our flags are as incredible as they are because of the people behind them: a long line of blue collar workers who take the utmost pride in what they do. We love being able to grow as a family and as a business all while working to inspire American pride in homes just like ours all across our great nation.

Free Shipping

We at Buffalo Reclaimed Flag Co. cover the cost of shipping on EVERY SINGLE ORDER across the country. While the other guys will hit you with a hefty shipping fee at checkout, we want to save you the disappointment of hidden fees tacked on a seemingly good deal. Instead, we want to make it easier for you to actually get a good deal and get one of our flags to your home without all the hassle. We can’t wait to see our one-of-a-kind flags hanging proudly in your home.


Gorgeous and uniquely made American flags to transform any space, and show your American spirit! We offer a wide variety of styles and sizes of flags constructed with unparalleled craftsmanship to create the perfect finishing touch to your home. Flags sealed for indoor or outdoor use with our weatherproofing option. Each flag is supplied with all the hardware necessary to hang as soon as you receive it. Free shipping anywhere in the US!









We strive to create a work of art that our Founding Fathers would be Proud Of

We at Buffalo Reclaimed know that nothing beats good old-fashioned craftsmanship. That is why all of our flags are hand crafted with INSANE attention to detail to create a beautiful final product. Callused hands spend hours meticulously carving, charring, and assembling to ensure each of our flags is one that both you and Betsy Ross would be proud of. 

Why We're different

Our Flags are truly a labor of love from start to finish. Every strip of wood is meticulously hand-carved to reveal it’s natural beauty and character and then charred and enhanced through our proprietary aging process, all with intense attention to detail. After assembly, we carve the flags in a process that makes each and every flag stunningly unique. We pioneered a hybrid method that is both computer-aided and traditionally hand-carved. This process ensures that our final product is of uniform quality while also creating a unique, one-of-a-kind, work of art.

Why our flag

perfect gift

Our flags make the perfect gift for any occasion- Birthdays, Graduations, Christmas, and Housewarming. Congratulate your grad by giving him the ultimate dorm room upgrade. Thank the courageous veteran in your life for their selfless service. This Mother’s Day, replace Mom’s 100th Live Laugh Love Sign with a gorgeous American flag instead. 


Our flags are the perfect touch for ANY room both in and out of your home, or for any event- Just ask our customers what they’ve done! At the home bar? Absolutely. In the garage? Of course! Above the mantle? Obviously. In the office? Totally. Bachelor Party Instagram Backdrop? Sure thing. Birthday Party décor? Without a doubt. In a truck bed? Done that! Our flags are made for anytime and anywhere, so feel free to get creative


Our flags possess the ability to transform a plain old wall to a beautifully rustic homage to our great country. Our flags command the attention of anyone in any room and can truly be a conversation piece for your space.


Patriot Guarantee

The craftsmanship that goes into the construction of our flags is made evident by the way each flag captivates any room or space that it is displayed. As a family-owned and operated business, we take great pride in providing you with a product that exudes all of the care we put into it. It is our sincerest hope you will feel that same pride when hanging one of our flags in your home. We are not satisfied unless you are 100% proud to let our flags declare your unwavering Patriotic spirit and love for the best country on Earth. We guarantee we make the most beautiful, durable, and unique handcrafted flags on the market.